Get to know the MIS

  • Enables quick response to customer requests
  • Gathers all the information about individual orders in one place
  • Monitors the guidelines set for employees
  • Provides employees with quick, easy access to all the information they need
  • Enables the automatic exchange of information with third party software
  • Analyses key processes and monitor the efficient operation of employees, machinery and the company overall
„MIS Cicero facilitates the work of employees and the efficient management of the company.“

Capabilities of MIS Cicero


Use our flexible CRM procedures to get a head start on your competition. Our CRM features can check, classify, organise and use all your business information – and analyse the processes to ensure efficiency.

  • Categorized meeting minutes, communications with customer, tasks assignment within the sales department
  • Records of current and potential customers
  • Calculation and generation of offers
  • Order records
  • Long-term contracts
  • Records on and analysis of complaints
  • Administration of relevant documents
  • Analysis of business processes
  • Access to all relevant data about orders (state of data, production, material, cooperation, invoicing, complaints, etc.)

Purchase and storages

MIS Cicero can manage the flow of materials throughout production, creating a more efficient use of storage and personnel.

  • Storage of materials
  • Storage of semi-finished products
  • Storage of finished products
  • Material reservation
  • Management of suppliers
  • Creation of orders
  • Administration of cooperation


MIS Cicero provides sophisticated tools to facilitate the transfer of material and the shipping of finished products, ensuring that the needs of your company and your customers are met.

  • Delivery notes
  • Pallet labels
  • Records of returnable packaging
  • Shipping plan
  • Utilization of bar codes, RFID chips


MIS Cicero can help ensure you fully comply with all the regulations and standards of the printing industry. It offers statistical analysis as well as the recording and analysis of internal conflicts or complaints.

  • SW support of ISO9001
  • SW support of FSC
  • SW support of standards for printing industry
  • Statistical inspections
  • Fulfillment of work in compliance with standards for printing industry
  • Records and analysis of internal conflicts and complaints


MIS Cicero offers oversight and management of the whole production process, leading to improvements in production as well as savings in costs, time and personnel.

  • Production order sheet
  • Administration of printing supporting documents NEBO source materials
  • Production planning
  • Management of production facilities
  • PLC cards
  • Overview of orders in progress
  • Administration of service and maintenance

Data acquisition

MIS Cicero allows you to gather, compare and analyse data so that you can calculate the efficiency parameters of machinery, processes and personnel. This leads to the optimisation of the company’s finances.

  • PLC cards (on-line)
  • Touchscreen (off-line)
  • Analysis of real costs
  • Reverse calculations
  • Detailed analysis of production process
  • Motivation of employees


MIS Cicero delivers immediate invoicing, credit limit control, payment history, reservations and other functions which contribute to the improvement of cash flow and lower the financial risks.

  • Issuing and management of invoices
  • Shared credit information
  • Reservations
  • Balance
  • Communication with EIS


MIS Cicero allows you to oversee and analyse important processes within the company, ensuring that management intervention can be timely and targeted.

  • Controlling
  • Analysis of business processes
  • Overview of capacity utilization
  • Overview of state of semi-finished job orders
  • Analysis of machinery and personnel performance
  • Comparison of calculated and real costs
  • Quick overview of important company processes
  • Possibility of application of immediate managerial intervention


  • On-line sledování pracovních míst
  • Sledování osádek strojů a pracovních míst
  • Garantovaná validovaná sebraná data a jejich historie
  • Kompatibilita se všemi druhy strojů (možnost záměny staršího za nový)
  • Data v reálném čase, přístup z webu a mobilních zařízení
  • On-line konektivita s IS CICERO Xi – sběr dat na zakázku


System Cicero is a specialised MIS for use in the printing industry. It is notable for using a modular structure. This means that although the system is most powerful when used as a whole, you can use separate modules, or integrate the modules gradually into your company’s system. If you are interested in any of the functions that MIS Cicero provides, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our consultants will be happy to provide you with detailed information.

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