CICERO Stapro group

We are a Czech company and a member of the Stapro Group, whose headquarters are based in Pardubice. We began developing and implementing specialised management information systems (MIS) for the printing industry in 1995. Since then, we have become the market leader in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2014, we successfully entered other markets in Central and Eastern Europe. What lies behind our success?


MIS CICERO was developed by a team of information technology experts, programmers and IT professionals with years of experience in the printing industry. Each information system is customised to the individual client’s requirements, and then installed and implemented by our specialist consultants. The result is a perfectly functioning printing industry MIS which helps your company to work more effectively and you to manage more efficiently.

„Major Czech and foreign developers cooperate on the development of MIS Cicero.”

Stapro s.r.o. is a major supplier of information systems, medical equipment, diagnostic tools and IT services for health care.


Italian company Logica covers the development, manufacturing and installation of specialist hardware and software designed for data acquisition in the printing industry, from printing machines to bookbinding machines.


American company Progress Software Corporation is a global supplier of software technologies and services for the development, operation and management of business solutions for diverse IT and network environments. It also develops, operates and manages business solutions for e-business.


LCS is one of the three most important producers of enterprise applications (ERP) in the Czech market. LCS develops, implements and supports specialised information systems for manufacturing, services and sales.

Středisko rané péče

Association of early care in Pardubice is a civil association of the friends and families of disabled children. It aims to support the children’s development and to support their families.


CICERO Stapro Group s.r.o.
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