Our work isn’t over once we’ve installed your MIS Cicero system. We want all our customers to become more successful, competitive and profitable, using the full power of the MIS. In order to achieve this, we offer a set of consultation services for Cicero+. These include process analysis and system integration during the implementation of the MIS; the control, implementation and optimisation of QMS; and the standardisation of workflow according to the standards of the printing industry. Finally, it includes the rationalisation and optimisation of all the internal processes which use MIS Cicero.

„To maximise the benefits of MIS CICERO we offer additional consultation services which support the software and multiply its value.“


  • Calculation of costs, and echo testing, for healthy company finances
  • Modelling proposed changes, for example, during the implementation of new investments

Motivating and monitoring employees

  • MIS Cicero improves data acquisition and allows you to use that data efficiently
  • MIS Cicero helps you to compare Key Indicators throughout branches and across the company
  • MIS Cicero can be used to perform a salary audit and to monitor both financial and non-financial reward systems


  • Cicero helps you implement national and international standards such as ISO and CSN alongside graphic industry standards such as Fogra, BVDM and ECI
  • Cicero will create production documentation
  • Cicero is used to determine production references, tolerances and methods of measurement
  • Cicero will streamline manufacturing processes and increase competitiveness
  • Certification in compliance with ISO 12647-2


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