Where does CICERO help?

Cicero is an MIS designed specifically for the printing industry. It is noteable for its modular structure. The system as a whole is powerful, but individual modules can also be used separately. Modules can therefore be implemented into the management system gradually. The modules are interconnected, so you only need to enter data once. It is then automatically transferred to the other modules.


  • Cicero allows you to perform real time analyses of key processes in sales, job design, production and shipping
  • You can precisely control the company’s accounts by means of reverse calculations
  • Cicero helps you keep track of how flexible the company’s key processes are, ensuring that everything is calculated, produced, shipped and invoiced on time
  • You can use a shared customer credit base to improve the cash flow

Production Manager

  • You have a clear overview of the performance of machinery, processes and employees
  • The system is configured to accurately reflect data, so information is never distorted

Sales Manager

  • Cicero gives you access to a database of current and potential customers
  • You can analyse and manage performance data within the MIS
  • You can keep track of all the activities and changes associated with your key clients

Sales force

  • You can find all the relevant job information, and data from the accounting programme, on the order card
  • You can calculate quotations quickly using templates or archived orders
  • You can generate quotations in any language or currency, even for complex technological products


  • The Cicero system will calculate the optimal technical process from the data provided
  • You can see the price of the suggested job design, as compared to the calculation
  • The system will generate storage material requests and manufacturing sheets


  • Both the production schedule and the electronic manufacturing sheets are easily available to you
  • Data collection can be automatic or performed using touch screens

Shipping and logistics

  • The Cicero system generates all the necessary documents (shipping notes, pallet and parcel labels) for dispatch, and records all empties
  • You control the storage of finished products
  • You can use bar codes and QR codes to for maximum speed and efficiency


  • Cicero’s interconnected MIS informs you instantly about invoice requests
  • You can use the MIS to send deposits and to generate partial and final invoices
  • By integrating the MIS with your accounting system, you make sure that all accounting data is up to date and synchronised


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