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  • We chose IS Cicero specifically because it is an IS which specialises in printing and it contains the complete structure of modules which are needed by printing companies. It can be fully personalised to the needs of a particular printing works, it is capable of working with all polygraphic technologies and it enables us to handle job orders from the quotation through to the dispatch. Moreover, it has a very simple user interface for most of the processes involved in the printing, and solid system support.

    Ing. Pavel Krystek, financial director, company GRASPO CZ, a.s.

  • This information system helped us to streamline and accelerate internal processes. Cicero was adjusted in exact accordance with individual processes and routines in the company. I personally appreciate particularly possibility of detailed analyses and outputs, thanks to which I can accurately identify weak points. Thanks to connection of the system to production facilities, printers have less administrative work. Production facilities with high hour rate can therefore be used effectively.

    Ing. Michael Bauch, deputy director, compan Bauch, Navrátil s.r.o.

  • Production of valuables requires abidance by strict rules and procedures as well as precise mapping of the job order life cycle including exact evidence of output and spoiled print waste. Implementation of MIS Cicero was supervised and upheld by a skilled consultant with long polygraphic experience. We installed this information system “experimentally” so that we could evaluate its contribution to our company. Soon after full implementation, the contribution for our work was so significant that we unanimously decided to keep Cicero permanently.

    Ing. Jaroslav Štefek, chief operating officer, Poštovní tiskárna cenin Praha a.s.

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